The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essay 6: Free will and the inner quality
Essay 7: The power of free will to initiate change
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Essay 10: Survival and transcendence
Essay 7: The power of free will to initiate change

It is impossible for mankind to avoid choices, but acting upon those free will decisions is often constrained. Constraints can be physical, emotional, mental, psychological, perhaps even spiritual. Above all, mankind cannot reach far beyond the constraints of existing in the present. We cannot change the past, we cannot determine the future. We can only act in the present within the confines of our unique circumstances. 

How we act in the here and now is all important. Making the best possible decision -- big or small, near or far-reaching -- is our immediate responsibility. If we can't act properly, then all prayer and supplication lack a certain credibility. 

The reason a person seeks their inner quality, or to become their true self, is highly personal. However, once the inner quality is known, one important result is a greater understanding of what choice ought to be made in a given situation. This understanding, which many good people seem to have intuitively, can also be known rationally through the higher mind.

If knowledge of the best choice is combined with a desire and determination to act upon that choice, then significant change can be initiated within the individual's life -- both personal and social. Not only is it possible to make better choices, it is also possible to alter somewhat the constraints within which one lives, especially those internal limitations imposed on oneself.

This process of gradual improvement can be called transcendence.

Essays on Survival and Transcendence in the 21st Century. Copyright 2011-2014 by Martin L.Lasater
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