The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essay 16: In birthright, all men are created equal
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Essay 16: In birthright, all men are created equal

Whatever one's station in life -- political leader or citizen, clergy or layman, billionaire or homeless -- all mankind are equal in terms of having an inner quality residing in their consciousness as a birthright. If the inner quality exists, then all mankind have a right to discover and express that quality.

The inner quality of some people may be close to the surface of outer awareness; the inner quality of others may be deep within the recesses of consciousness. Those whose inner quality is near or at the level of self-awareness often have a much clearer sense of their true self than those whose inner quality may be deeply buried.

It is the existence of the inner quality in all individuals that gives them an innate dignity as a human being. It is that dignity of the person that all governments, regardless of their form or institutions, should respect and protect. If government cannot do this simple task, then the government is fundamentally flawed in theory and practice. Governments should strive to bring out the best in all their citizens, not force (or manipulate) their people to serve the interests of a small governing minority.  

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