The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essay 20: Change and integration

There appears to be a direct connection between the natural goodness of people and their inner quality. (One of the easiest ways to experience the inner quality is to meditate upon the origins of your own goodness.) I am not certain of the origins of the inner quality itself, but because of its infinite goodness I believe it is from God. However, it could also be a product of human evolution -- a built-in mechanism for humanity to constantly transcend itself in order to better survive the challenges of life.

Whether a gift from God or natural evolution, the inner quality is a powerful tool for positive change on both an individual and social level. Once the individual initiates the process of discovering and expressing the inner quality, a dynamic is created that -- if sustained by free will -- clears one's mind and strengthens one's character. The individual carries these improved attributes into daily life, whether it be as head of state or retiree. The decisions one makes from the level of the higher mind impact the lives of others on a large or small scale. When many people pursue their inner quality and improve their character and decision making, then social institutions, society, and government itself can be changed for the better.

It all begins with the individual, but the changes initiated ripple throughout the social and political fabric of the nation, indeed the world. What occurs is the integration of the inner quality of individuals with their social environment. This is a gradual process whose consequences can be significant. 

What makes the inner quality so powerful an agent of change is that it resides as latent potential within everyone. If its power can be recognized and harnessed as a tool, then a new level of self-awareness can come to mankind, and the boundaries of the possible can be moved beyond their present limitations.

In the next section we will turn to foreign policy, and discuss how the inner quality can help clarify the choices national leaders must make in their international relations.

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