The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essay 1: What is the inner quality?
Essay 2: Discovery of the inner quality
Essay 3: Moral imperatives of the inner quality
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Essay 5: Political implications of the inner quality
Essay 1: What is the inner quality?

The inner quality is the character of the real self. Almost everyone has a desire to know and become their real or true self. The predominant character of that true self -- its motivations and intentions, attitude towards other parts of life, desire to help others, mental perceptions and clarity of vision, spiritual attunement with God and nature -- is a reflection of the individual's inner quality.

The inner quality resides within each individual, and each individual has a unique inner quality -- although there are broad categories of the inner quality, such as love, honor, power, wisdom, healing, and other noble characteristics.
The origin of the inner quality is something I have not been able to determine. It may be a gift from God, a spark of divinity placed within the soul of each individual. It may be a product of life's evolution, a point in self-awareness when horizons expand exponentially and a sense of oneness with all of life permeates consciousness. If from God, then we are all bearers of a seed of God's own consciousness; if from life's evolution, then we stand on the brink of a quantum leap in what it means to be human.

Regardless of its origins, the inner quality is the best a person has to offer life in the time and space of the individual's sojourn on earth. Seen more broadly, the inner quality is the pure individuality of the soul as it moves from point of origin to point of completion in a cycle that seems endless and (to me) unfathomable.

What's most important is that the inner quality exists. It is discoverable by each person. It is infinitely good and has limitless potential. It is humanity at its noblest dimension. And it is a key to unlocking the powers of the mind and the truest intentions of the heart.

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