The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essays: An Overview
Essays: The Responsibility and Power of Free Will
Essays: Realism and Idealism in Politics
Essays: Choosing the Inner Quality
Essays: The Inner Quality and Foreign Policy
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Essay 21: Leadership in foreign policy
Essay 22: Mankind as a community
Essay 23: Intervention and acts of war
Essay 24: Common goals for leaders of good will
Essay 25: Conclusion
Essay 21: Leadership in foreign policy

Leadership plays a pivotal role in a nation's foreign policy, often more so than in domestic politics because the leader represents the group to other countries. Very few leaders completely dominate their nation's foreign policy, but most leaders have great influence and often make final decisions as to the nation's overall direction, tone, strategic purpose, and major initiatives.

In this series of essays, we focus on how knowledge of the inner quality and use of the higher mind can influence a leader's international behavior.

Essays on Survival and Transcendence in the 21st Century. Copyright 2011-2014 by Martin L.Lasater
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