The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essays: The Responsibility and Power of Free Will
Essays: Realism and Idealism in Politics
Essays: Choosing the Inner Quality
Essays: The Inner Quality and Foreign Policy
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Essay 21: Leadership in foreign policy
Essay 22: Mankind as a community
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Essay 24: Common goals for leaders of good will
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Essay 24: Common goals for leaders of good will
There is no consensus guide for national leadership. Leaders of good will have to define their own priorities and contributions. Certain goals, however, would seem to be commonly appropriate. Leaders of good will should:
  • Protect the interests of their own people, but seek to benefit as many other peoples as possible;
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of major global trends, using them for the common good or countervailing them if harmful;
  • Listen carefully to the needs of the people, who almost always have their ear to the ground and know how things might affect them;
  • Be kind and generous as a person, dignified in representing the interests of the people, and determined to resist the inroads of mal-intent wherever it may appear;
  • Work diligently to improve one's character and encourage others to do likewise;
  • Promote freedom and opportunity whenever possible, as these conditions are necessary for individuals to realize their full potential.  
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