The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essay 25: Conclusion

This essay completes the e-book on "The Inner Quality of Man." In a short abbreviated format, I have explained the concept of the inner quality -- which can be directly experienced by anyone -- and talked about ways in which the higher mind can be used to help navigate many of the challenges of life, whatever their scale or circumstance.

The inner quality and higher mind are part of our consciousness, a level of rationality and cognizance that is not mystical or abstract, but rather down to earth and very practical. The inner quality is a person's highest character, the best he or she can be. The higher mind is the means by which a person can make decisions that apply their best judgment to all issues, large and small. A person who habitually tries to do their best in all circumstances is a person who is becoming more and more of their true self -- a goal that most of humanity share in their aspirations.

Being one's true self is a natural evolution of the human spirit. One becomes one's true self by progressively expressing one's inner quality, which is unlimited in its potential. As this process unfolds in the individual, society and its institutions are themselves influenced in ways that can transcend present limitations and help ensure humanity's survival in the future.

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