The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essays: The Responsibility and Power of Free Will
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Essays: The Inner Quality and Foreign Policy
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Essay 21: Leadership in foreign policy
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Essay 23: Intervention and acts of war
If everyone has an inner quality and free will, then government authority must be based on the will of the people. Without the people's consent, government cannot be legitimate and its rule must be considered temporary or amendable.

When people living under an authoritarian government take to the streets to demand change (having no other recourse), and the government responds with violence and terror to maintain its control, then conditions exist that justify intervention by other nations. The more widespread the protest and the more brutal the suppression, the greater the justification for timely intervention to protect the people from harm.

The world is a dangerous place, and there are leaders and individuals who will aggressively harm others for their own political, economic, social, or psychological gain. Wars cannot be avoided in a lawless international environment in which nations compete for limited resources and prestige. Non-state actors such as terrorist organizations and drug cartels openly challenge governments worldwide, and the affliction is growing. Under these circumstances, leaders of good will must be prepared to use force to protect their people and to cooperate with other nations to mitigate the effects of pernicious activity from all sources. 
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