The Inner Quality of Man
Personal, Social, and Political Implications
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Essay 22: Mankind as a community

One fundamental principle that follows from the discovery of the inner quality is that mankind is a community of individuals bound together by a higher personal and collective potential. Whether we recognize it or not, and whether it be a gift from God or natural evolution, the inner quality resides in every individual as a goal toward which we all can strive. By their free will, people may ignore or rebel against their true self, but most of us -- regardless of our circumstances -- desire to become our true self. The need for self discovery, expression, and fulfillment seems to be hard-wired into human consciousness.

This is a powerful motivation among all peoples, and it gives birth to thoughts of personal value, freedom, equitable justice, and desire for opportunity. These thoughts and feelings are not just found on the pages of political theories and constitutions, they exist in the minds and hearts of everyone of good will, whatever their station in life and wherever they may reside.

The desire to be one's true self is a fundamental instinct among mankind essential for our survival and transcendence.

A leader who understands this and can draw upon the desire of peoples everywhere to realize their own potential has tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of millions of fellow human beings.

Essays on Survival and Transcendence in the 21st Century. Copyright 2011-2014 by Martin L.Lasater
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