Why explore the human potential?

For thousands of years, the simple term “the true self” has encapsulated the idea of searching for and becoming one’s full potential. The quest for the true self has led individuals along many different paths, some rational, some inspirational, some disciplined, some free-formed. Those who have completed their journeys have often found themselves at the same point in consciousness — a heightened state of self frequently described as oneness.

The purpose of this website is to explore the human potential by way of identifying and expressing one’s inner quality, or character of the soul. The inner quality is the spark of our individuality; it is what makes us unique and give us special value in life. Knowing and expressing our inner quality is one way to integrate ourselves materially and spiritually, to balance and align ourselves with God and nature.

Over the past few years, I have written about my discovery of the inner quality and how my understanding of the potential of mankind has grown. For those interested, I have made some of these articles available in pdf form through links on the above menu, along with a brief explanation of what each article discusses.