Download book on Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance

This is the third in the series of three books initially written to explore the implications of the inner quality on personal, ethical, and political levels. “The Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance” builds upon the discovery of the inner quality and the development of a set of related ethical principles to construct a philosophy of governance based on individuals having both material and spiritual sides of their existence. The purpose of the book is to explore what is possible for man in the political sphere of life when he integrates his material and spiritual sides and expresses the character of his soul in everyday activities. Topics discussed include what is reality, what is the nature of man, what is the purpose of government, what is the proper balance between idealism and pragmatism in politics, and what is the ideal form of government. The book concludes with an overview of more than 30 traditional political philosophies and compares these with the theories of inner quality governance.

A pdf of “The Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance” may be downloaded here: The Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance 090117