This is the third in the series of three books initially written to explore the implications of the inner quality on personal, ethical, and political levels. This book, The Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance, builds upon the discovery of the inner quality and reflections on some of its ramifications, takes into consideration the development of a set of ethical and moral principles based on the inner quality, and applies those insights in the construction of a governance philosophy. Politics and governance theories are personal and professional interests of mine, so naturally I wanted to see how the inner quality might affect that discipline. Since governance, like ethics, is a broad subject receiving the attention of some of the most brilliant minds in all of history, I also drew upon many of their insights as a way of comparing inner quality theory to those more established schools of thought. The resulting philosophy of governance outlined in this book pales in comparison with the great theories of the past, but hopefully there are some interesting points of view that are expressed as well. If nothing else, the exercise of exploring governance demonstrates the importance of the paradigm, or view of reality, that one uses to examine any complex subject.

A pdf of the Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance may be downloaded here: The Inner Quality Philosophy of Governance 090117