Download book on Reflections on the Inner Quality

One of the characteristics of the inner quality is that its expressions and applications are endless. Goodness and goodwill — whether originating from the heart and mind of God through the soul, or through billions of years of life’s evolution as empathy and altruism, or through the imaginings and reason of the higher mind of man himself — are qualities that almost always improve the condition of mankind, whether as an individual, a member of a community, or a species of life.

Over the last several years, I have thought and written about the many attributes of the inner quality and ways in which those attributes can be applied in life’s circumstances. The ideas and insights keep coming, as if the subject can never be exhausted. This present book contains some of my more recent reflections on the inner quality and its implications.

The book has sections discussing the discovery of the inner quality and its implied principles, how honor and integrity can be defined and applied in everyday life, the nature of the inner quality, lessons learned because of the inner quality, some thoughts on how a community of goodwill might be established and maintained, and a few additional observations on the purpose of government in the promotion and protection of individual and social freedom.

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