Download book on Inner Quality Ethics

The purpose of this book is to show how individuals can identify their innermost best character and develop personal moral standards to assist them in becoming their true selves. Inner quality ethics is, in essence, a personal pathway enabling us to integrate the material and spiritual sides of ourselves, so that we can live a productive, balanced, and harmonious life. The book explains how to discover one’s inner quality and harness the power of the higher mind to create a set of ethical principles suitable to our daily lives. In addition, the book examines many ethical and moral issues by comparing inner quality ethics with traditional and modern ethical theories. These comparisons are organized in chapters dealing with subjects such as the role of God and spirituality in ethics, meta-ethics, virtue ethics, consequential ethics, principle ethics, and applied ethics in several morally challenging circumstances. Ultimately, through these discussions, a paradigm of inner quality ethics is created that can help us to navigate successfully through many difficult decisions in life.

A pdf version of the book on “Ethics of the Inner Quality” may be downloaded here: Ethics of the Inner Quality 071216