The second book in the inner quality series was one on ethics. Ethics is an important philosophical and social issue, because ethics helps us to define not only what is proper behavior but also why certain actions, thoughts, and feelings are either appropriate or inappropriate. There is an extremely rich body of thought on ethics, which continues still today and will no doubt always be us as we wrestle with new ethical questions and old issues not fully resolved for ourselves or our culture. This book explores many traditional ethical issues and adds the perspective of the inner quality. Experience and knowledge of one’s inner quality give us a unique point of view on such questions as what is good and evil, what is the highest good and the most treasured virtue, how relationships between individuals ought to be approached, and other such topics. This is a relatively short book, but hopefully intellectually stimulating for those trying to become their true selves while fully engaged with worldly affairs.

A pdf of the book on Ethics of the Inner Quality may be downloaded here: Ethics of the Inner Quality 071216