Welcome to the Inner Quality website! The purpose of this website is to explore the potential of mankind from the point of view of one’s inner quality. The inner quality can be understood either as the character of one’s soul or one’s best character of goodness. If the inner quality is the character of one’s soul, then the inner quality is a spiritual gift from the Creator. If the inner quality is one’s best character of goodness, then the inner quality is an evolutionary product of altruism and empathy in the species. In either interpretation of its origin, knowledge of one’s inner quality and its expression in action, thought, and feeling are keys to becoming one’s true or real self. In other words, the full potential of individuals — personally and socially — can only be realized if they use their free will to reflect their inner quality in daily life.

The several documents found as pdf attachments in the following pages reflect the gradual progression of my understanding of the  inner quality, from its initial discovery, consideration of its implications, and application of its derived principles in areas of my professional  interest in ethics and governance. The articles have all been copyrighted, but they are offered free of charge on this website.

The author is a policy analyst with many years’ of experience in national and homeland security and a life-long interest in the relationship between mankind’s material and spiritual nature. He may be contacted at mlasater@comcast.net.