About the Inner Quality

Welcome to the Inner Quality website!

The inner quality can be understood as either the character of one’s soul or one’s best character of goodness and goodwill. If the inner quality is viewed as the character of the soul, then the inner quality is a spiritual gift from God. If the inner quality is viewed as one’s best character of goodness and goodwill, then the inner quality is an evolutionary development of altruism and empathy or the result of human reasoning.

The fact that the origin of the inner quality can be spiritual or material has led me to the conclusion that human beings are both spiritual and material by nature. And if that is true, then the integration of these two sides of mankind must be¬†key to becoming one’s real or true self. In other words, to fulfill our potential as individuals — personally and socially — requires that we know and express our inner qualities in daily life to the best of our ability.

The books on these web pages describe how I discovered my inner quality and then attempted to understand its implications across a broad range of human activities. Wherever possible, I have tried to relate my speculations to scientific findings and the thoughts of great philosophers from the past. These preliminary reflections are my own; however, since the inner quality resides within us all, the applications of the inner quality are endless.

A separate section on “Commentaries” is an attempt to apply in a practical way the ethics of the inner quality and the higher mind to contemporary issues of concern to society in the early 2020’s.