Download book on An Inner Quality Analysis of Machiavellian Politics

This book analyzes the politics of Machiavelli from the perspective of the inner quality philosophy of ethics and government. The works analyzed include two of the most famous of Machiavelli’s works, “The Prince” and “The Discourses”. “The Prince” is a classic argument of realpolitik and it forms much of the theoretical basis of what has become the realist school of modern political science. “The Discourses,” on the other hand, present arguments in favor of a republic based on popular participation in government. “The Discourses” provide the theoretical basis for many of the principles found in the U.S. form of government and thus sets forth what many have referred to as the idealist school of modern political science.

Machiavelli embraces both realism and idealism in politics, recommending that founders of great nations utilize whichever approach best suits the circumstances. This book identifies the similarities and differences between the political philosophy of Machiavelli and the political philosophy of the inner quality. It further demonstrates how the realist and idealist paradigms of political science can be successfully integrated in the minds of national leaders.

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